cookbanner3.jpg (37668 bytes)


spanishcalfoverbullhide.jpg (7249 bytes)

Calf over bullhide with 14" tops,
2" heels, and
wide box toes


Black cherry Ostrich with 12" tops ,

medium round toe and standard heels




Saddletan Crocodile with 14" tops, 

medium round toe and standard heels



Black Crocodile with 14" tops,

medium round toe and standard heels

black french calf.jpg (5211 bytes)

French calf with 14" tops,
standard heels and medium round toe

texas flag.jpg (4540 bytes)

Kangaroo over French calf
12" tops, standard heels and narrow round toe

Ital calf over elephant2.jpg (3291 bytes)


Italian calf over elephant

12" tops, and  narrow round toe

longhornbullhides.jpg (3833 bytes)

French calf over bullhide
12" tops, standard heel and narrow round toe

blackcherry3.jpg (33331 bytes)


Black Cherry calf with Eagle Wing Inlay design

12" tops, and  narrow round toe with standard heels



KangarooFlame.jpg (4505 bytes)

Kangaroo with 14" tops,
narrow box toe, and 2" heels

RANGERBOOTS&INSERT.jpg (4920 bytes)

Calfskin with 12" tops, narrow round toe
and standard heels with Texas Ranger badge inlay


mhcalfoverbullhide.jpg (6743 bytes)

Calfskin over bullhide with 12" tops,
full round toe,
and standard heels



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